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How far would you go to become a star?

In the land of palm trees and sunny skies where dreams can come true overnight, I arrived in Los Angeles a hopeful country girl looking to make it big. I have the talent, the long legs and sweet smile, a playful glint behind my hazel eyes, all the makings to dazzle Hollywood big-wigs and see my name in lights.

I came here to become a star, but what I've turned into is pure darkness. It's my secret, my addiction, blood thirst that runs deep, and no one can ever find out.

But when a mysterious body turns up dead in my swimming pool and I'm branded the prime suspect, my dark secret could come to light.

Detective Seth Ryan is the last man I want on my case. Revered as a genius investigator, he's quick to pull the pieces together, but his sharp skills and strong instincts aren't what I'm worried about. It's his off-beat good looks I find threatening. The brooding intelligence behind his kind eyes, his muscular arms and chiseled abs, the way he looks at me with a hint of intrigue and arousal, have caught me off guard.

I desire him. And I know he wants me, too. I have no choice, though. I must keep him from the truth. But my defenses are falling and the more romantically entangled we become, the closer he's getting to discovering who the killer is, the dark circumstances surrounding the mysterious death, and that vampires are among us.